Save big with personalized prepaid plan suggestions

TalkMore is a smart app that analyzes your phone usage and suggests the best mobile plans for you, from every provider in the country. It can save 30% or more on your prepaid mobile plan costs.

Analyze your actual monthly usage patterns

View accurate monthly statistics for all types of calls, SMS and data usage on your phone.

Assess the plans suggested for your usage

TalkMore presents you with plans from either your own provider, or all providers; that give you the best savings.

Activate the plans with the best savings

Select the plans best suited to you, and activate them directly from the app itself.

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The plans selected for me were perfect. Kudos to the algorithm and the programming team.

Akshay CM

This app is amazing! It suggests the best plans for our usage and helps save on our bills.

Aditya KVSSC

I saw ads for cheaper plans, but found it hard to keep track as they changed often. Thanks, TalkMore for making it easy to get them!

Bharat Velicheti

Meet the team

Chandrashekhar Shetty

Chandra has been in indulging in startups in the Bay Area and India for several years. Previously he was at Sookasa (cloud security) and Andiamo Systems (Storage Area Networks). He studied at Indiana University and IIT Bombay.

Janaki Ram Goteti

Janaki is our resident data wizard. He honed his skills at Microsoft and Microstrategy. He is armed with CS degrees from University of Maryland and IIT Bombay.

Manish Vora

Manish is a convert from core routing and switching software to apps. He is a graduate of University of Minnesota and IIT Bombay. Before TalkMore he built networking software for Panasas, ECI Telecom and Laurel Networks.

TalkMore is a production of Tinkerix Technologies Pvt Ltd, India. Tinkerix is a private limited company incorporated in Mumbai, India. The mission of Tinkerix is to tinker with technology to help solve big problems. Currently we are looking at how mobile and cloud computing is disrupting daily lives.


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